How often should you dry clean your clothes and household items?


When you see a ‘dry clean only’ label do you panic a little? If you’re used to cleaning your washing machine friendly clothes and household items on your own, you may be wondering when is the time to take in your dry clean only items. The answer depends on a few factors including how often you wear it, the type of fabric or if it gets dirty or stained. Generally, it’s a good idea to dry clean between 2-4 wears. For most household items such as blankets and curtains, you can go much longer.

Dry Cleaning Checklist

Here is a great checklist you can use as a general idea for your planning your dry cleaning schedule.

Commonly Worn

Every 2-3 wears

Every 3-4 wears


Every 6 month

Every Season

Every Year

If you have any questions on what you should dry clean, be sure to contact us and we can give you expert advice on how to care for your favorite clothing and household fabrics to make them last much longer!

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