BlueBox Partner – Locker Locations

Using the BLUEBOX MOBILE APP you can now enjoy NextLevel's Drycleaning & more services at selective BlueBox locker locations!

If you live in a residential condo building that has a participating BlueBox Parcel Locker system, then NextLevel’s DRYCLEANING, WASH & FOLD LAUNDRY, SHOESHINE, CLEANING & REPAIR pickup & drop off services are available direct to you! 

BLUEBOX MOBILE APP USERS – follow the video instructions to easily create a pickup order then simply drop off your dirties at your building BlueBox locker. Two business days later, you’ll be notified that your clean items are ready for pickup. Now that’s next level! 

With NextLevel and BlueBox together in service, it’s never been easier. Drycleaning, laundry, online package pickups and more are all at your fingertips and available 24/7/365. Working on your schedule…not ours. 

Here’s the growing list of participating BlueBox smart locker building locations now offering DRYCLEANING & MORE:



8800 South Estates8800 Hazelbridge Way, V6X 1P6
Two River Park Place – Tower Two6900 Pearson Way, V7C 0B3
Two River Park Place – Tower Three5508 Hollybridge Way, V7C 0C7
Tempo7688 Alderbridge Way, V6X 2A2
Riva 37008 River Pkwy, V6X 0R1
Sorrento 33333333 Sexsmith Rd, V6X 0N6
Sorrento 86288628 Hazelbridge Way, V6X 0R5
View Star Tower B3331 No. 3 Rd, V6X 2B6
View Star Tower C8199 Capstan Way, V6X 0V1
Central Estates3233 Ketcheson Road, V6X 0R3
Quintet A7988 Ackroyd Road, V6X 0K6
Quintet B7979 Firbridge Way, V6X 0K7
Seasons Tower A5028 Kwantlen Street, V6X 4K2
Seasons Tower B5068 Kwantlen Street, V6X 4K4
Seasons Tower C5088 Kwantlen Street, V6X 4E5
Prima6833 Buswell St,  V6Y 0L3



Sun Tower I4458 Beresford St, V5H 2Y8
Met 26538 Nelson Ave, V5H 0G5
Midori6638 Dunblane, Ave, V5H 3K5
Seasons5460 Broadway, V5B 0B4
Legacy 56115611 Goring Street, V5B 0A3
Sun Tower 26398 Silver Ave, V5H 2Y5

Want NextLevel Drycleaning & more services at your BlueBox Parcel Locker? Let us know today!