wedding dress dry cleaning

Getting Married? Put Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning on your To-Do List!


Wondering what to do with your wedding dress?

If you’re getting married soon, you may be wondering what to do with your wedding dress after the big day. Some brides choose to sell their gown right away, others may ‘trash the dress’ in a fun photo shoot, and others might even re-purpose their dress into something they can use in the future such as a cocktail dress. Many brides still choose to keep their dress as a memento of the important day, and pass it down to the next generation. In this case, cleaning the dress right away is so important to ensure the dress lasts for decades to come.

Get your wedding dress cleaned right away!

The big day is over, but there are still things to do on the list! If you are keeping your wedding dress, be sure to get it cleaned by a professional right away. Stains begin to set in within a day or two, so it’s important not to let your dress sit too long otherwise it will be too late.

Dry cleaning your wedding gown will keep it looking its best.

Wedding dress dry cleaning begins with a professional and experienced specialist who will create a treatment plan according to the delicate fabric and details of the gown, paying special attention to the hemline where the dress has been grazing the ground for hours. There may be stains on the gown, some even almost invisible such as white wine, sweat marks or fingerprints from people touching the gown. NextLEvel Dry Cleaning is a premium wedding dress dry cleaner in Edmonton and Calgary. We are able to find and treat these types of stains ensuring they don’t darken or turn yellow over time. Depending on the type of stain, from alcohol to oil, makeup smudges to dirt, our experienced dry cleaning professional will create a specific treatment plan for each one.

Storing your wedding dress.

Once your dress is dry cleaned it’s important to store it in a cool, dark place. If you choose to get your wedding dress preserved as well, note that this is an extra step that is separate from cleaning. Many brides choose not to bother with the added expense of wedding dress preservation. Instead, simply store the clean dress in an airtight, acid-free wedding dress keepsake box.

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