Fully Automated Self-Service Lockers

Drop Click ‘N Go SMART Lockers

NextLevel’s self-service lockers allow users to enjoy the uber-convenience of dropping off and picking up their drycleaning, shoe shine and repair and much more – right at their fingertips.

Our fully-automated smart lockers offer a personal services experience like no other in the market today.

Simply put, you’ll enjoy pure connectivity from the moment you sign up via the NextLevel Drycleaners mobile App to the hassle-free drop off and pickup process. Simple, Smart…now that’s NextLevel.

How it works:

Step 1: “DROP”

Choose Pick Up or DROP Off Clothes then scan your personal QR code using NextLevel’s Mobile App then a locker magically opens for use.

Step 2: “CLICK”

Place your goods to be cleaned in the locker and CLICK the door closed. You’ll get a text message confirming we’ve started your order.

Step 3: “GO”

There’s literally nothing else to do…so GO and enjoy the rest of your day!

** 48 hours later…your clean order is now ready for pick up at the lockers.

Typical Locker locations

In High Traffic Areas

Lockers can also be strategically placed in high traffic, mobile thoroughfares within corridors and walkways. Working on the individual user’s schedule, lockers are accessed through our unique touch screen interface and secure Mobile App for ultimate ease of use and convenience. Seriously NextLevel…

In Office or Residential Towers

Our customized, proprietary lockers are retro-fitted into corporate office tower lobbies or foyers, private/social clubs or similar organizations. High density apartment/condo buildings or unique selective retail lease spaces totally make sense as well for potential 24/7/365 client use.

(3) Available Locker sizes:

Full – 10’w x 6.5’ high x 2’ deep

Med – 6.5’w x 6.5’ high x 2’ deep

Small – 3.5’ w x 6.5’ high x 2’ deep

Locations - Drop Click 'N Go Smart Lockers

Vancouver Lawn and Tennis Club

(club member access only)

1630 W 15th Ave,
Vancouver, BC V6J 2K7

Jericho Tennis Club

(club member access only)

3837 Point Grey Rd,
Vancouver, BC V6R 1B3